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VR NOW – The Tech Biz Art Conference

Potsdam, 16. November 2016

The first stand-alone business and development conference & award exclusively dedicated to VR in Germany connects essential aspects with basal questions. The VR NOW Awards 2016 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality.

VR NOW - The Tech Biz Art Conference includes:

    The VR NOW Conference aims to create a hands-on atmosphere with a high amount of learnings. Packed talks focused on how-to’s in VR and direct dialogue give participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge and gain new insights. The conference will feature international Keynotes on „Technology, Business and Art“.

    VR NOW Showcase - The expo mixes local heroes with international projects and shows a complete round-up of the current state of the art.

    The VR NOW Awards 2016 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality. Three projects will be nominated for each of the categories Tech, Business, Art and the Grand Prize.

The VR NOW Con is about giving new impulses on the medium and boosting the international developers and business community. Let’s learn from and connect with each other to build the future of VR together. The time is NOW! Celebrate the moment with us in a conference, the award show, partner expo and lots of networking opportunities.


Is VR a revolution? Is it social? The future of eSports? Can it tell stories? Is it dangerous? Can we already make money with it? Creatives all over the world began to imagine immersive spheres. We can explore them by simply using our smartphones. What we see is just early iterations of a medium that will alter the way we experience reality. Now we have to rethink technology, business and creative processes. Our speakers and experts share their knowledge about a medium that can be beneficial for so many. But we have to ask the right questions and hope for man answers.
Speaker Highlights:

Alysha Naples (former Magic Leap): What are great questions to ask about VR?

James Jensen (THE VOID): Is THE VOID the revolution of games or theme parks – or both?

Gabo Arora (United Nations Virtual Reality): Is VR really turning us into better persons?


Making VR is adventurous. We celebrate this love for adventure and award the ones who stand out in excellence in the following categories: Tech, Business and Art. We’re looking for those who invent technology to shape our future. Who create innovative business models. Who give visionary content a new presence.



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