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Projektaufruf für transnationale Projektpartnerschaften von Clustern bzw. KMU-Netzwerken

Kopenhagen, 1. Februar 2013

Innovation Express – a joint call for proposals supported by national agencies and authorities – has now been taken on board within the Baltic Sea Region. BSR Stars partners, in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers, have developed "BSR Innovation Express" – a coordinated approach to foster the internationalization of SMEs through clusters. BSR Innovation Express includes both the possibility of attaining financial support, and the opportunity to participate in a match-making event (planned for 9-10 April 2013).

Driven by positive experience participating in previous calls, partners within BSR Stars proposed that Innovation Express be considered as one of the instruments for increasing linkages between strong research and innovation milieus, clusters and SME networks in the Baltic Sea Region. During 2012, a BSR Stars task force – in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) – drove the development of the "BSR Innovation Express" concept.

Building on the existing Innovation Express mechanism (tested in previous calls implemented within the EU-financed INNET and TACTICS InnoNet projects), the BSR Stars and NCM team developed a concept for a joint call between national (or regional) funding agencies, with additional financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Financing from the NCM will be used for costs related to administration/coordination of the call, organization and implementation of a matchmaking event, as well as top-up funding for eligible projects.

Eight funding partners from seven BSR countries will participate in the joint call (which is planned to be open from 1 February – 31 May 2013):

DK: Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
FI: Ministry of Employment and the Economy
IS: Ministry of Industries and Innovation
LV: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
LT: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology
NO: Innovation Norway
SE: Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth and VINNOVA

SAVE THE DATE 9-10 APRIL 2013 for the International Cluster2Cluster Conference and Matchmaking Event

In connection with the BSR Innovation Express call, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (supported by NetMatch) is leading the organization of a Cluster2Cluster conference and matchmaking event. The event targets cluster organizations and SME networks wishing to explore opportunities for international collaboration on behalf of their members. The program will focus on cluster to cluster matchmaking, workshops and other opportunities to establish cooperation.

Additional information on both the call and the matchmaking event will be published in January. For more information contact Emily Wise.

Die weitere Kommunikation wird v.a. über die Seiten der „European Cluster Collaboration Plattform" erfolgen (die Ihnen im Übrigen auch außerhalb des BSR Innovation Express ein Instrument zur Vernetzung mit anderen Clustern sein kann):


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