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Potsdam Babelsberg, 19. und 20. November 2014

The film and television industry is undergoing huge technological change. For decades, the Industry has concentrated its efforts on keeping analogue film and its carrier viable, on preserving it, and on restoring it. With the advent of Digital film’, the term ‘film’ has nothing to do with the carrier any more. It’s all about the work of the filmmakers, as the intellectual and artistic expression they wish to convey to the viewers – stored as ‘content’ within digital files. A digital film has the capability to be transferred around the globe, completely separated from a carrier, on data networks as electrical signals. Naturally, this has had a huge impact on the entire Production and Archiving process. Along with new Production methods come fundamental changes of concept on every level; changes to the business model and impact on audience consumption. How will we consume content in 2020? What will the Production tools look like then?

CHANGING THE PICTURE a Technology Conference aimed at Broadcast Industry Executives; Producers, Production Managers, Sales and Distribution companies and Technology providers. The event combines inspiring keynotes from international industry representatives with panel discussions and practical workshops, offering hands-on experience and technological expertise in Digital workflow - for Production, Distribution and Archiving. Experience Europe's leading Studio location in the unique context of a global perspective on advance in Media, Film, and IT. Join us for 2 days of practical workshops and discussions. Network with international Industry Experts. Get to grips with the Technologies impacting your Production and gain valuable insights into new Distribution processes. members get a discount on their tickets and pay 145 Euro, please find further details on the premium area.

More information about the programme you will find here.


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