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One network -
numerous advantages


media.connect is the ideal networking and support platform for media companies in the state of Brandenburg and the metropolitan region. Whether you are looking for specific expertise, the right contact, or even a solution to your problem, you can find exactly what you are looking for in our network in just a few clicks.

media.connect members also enjoy the benefits and services of the media:net network at no extra cost.


Benefits at a glance:


  • Your company is visible to customers, partners and potential employees

  • The network communicates your company announcements and information about your events both online (via social media, in 100 newsletters per year with 3,000 subscribers, and on two websites) and offline (via flyers, brochures, invitations and ads)

  • The network has an extensive job portal for all members (more than 2,500 visits per month)

  • The latest media industry tenders are just a click away


  • 150 events per year at media:net, around 50 of which are organised by media.connect brandenburg

  • The network events are attended by up to 7,000 guests per year in total

  • Different content formats: Politischer Morgen (members only), workshops (free for members), coaching sessions, round table discussions, DWomen, HR_netWork, Producer Brunch

  • Matching and networking formats: mediendinner (members only), Investor Dinner, CreativDinner, summer meetings (games:net, media.connect), new year reception, media summit, Christmas reception

  • You are guaranteed to have a productive and enjoyable time with us. The dragon boot race gives you the chance to enjoy success as part of a team. You can also put your golf skills to the test – and perhaps acquire one or two new customers on the putting green.


  • The services offered by our network are available to all employees of our member companies. media.connect also attaches great importance to generating added value for and together with its members. This idea of togetherness is essential to our work and to your success. After all: you have the expertise, we have the network. Together, our activities are more likely to be successful. What’s more, all ideas and topics suggested by our member companies are heard, discussed and implemented together. Get in touch with us.

  • Appearing as a speaker at one of our events will not only make your company more visible, it will also expose you directly to other companies and potential business partners, making it an ideal way to expand your business network.

Trade fairs

  • As a member of our network, you will benefit from preferential terms for trade fairs such as dmexco and gamescom. We will organise everything for you, so that you can concentrate fully on what matters most: your business.


  • Our members enjoy the benefits offered by 27 partnerships with media:net – all year round. Members of the network also benefit from temporary partnerships and preferential terms for trade fairs, festivals, conferences and much more, saving them around EUR 9,000 a year on average.


  • The quality of an industry network increases with each new participant. As a member of media.connect, you will help to make Brandenburg a stronger location and contribute to raising awareness of the region’s media sector at national and international level. You also gain a competitive edge, as our services not only benefit you, but your customers as well.


  • We make it easier for you to enter foreign markets through a range of media formats. media.connect maintains a close-knit network throughout Europe that our members can take advantage of in full. Are you planning to expand your business internationally? Are you looking for the right contacts in your target market? media.connect is here to help – including with an invitation to participate in the ‘25h’ programme, during which the network spends 25 hours exploring a specific major city.