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University Meets Economy

‘University Meets Economy’ is an initiative that aims to foster direct dialogue between universities and companies from within the industry.

By establishing close links between education and business, media.connect wants to promote industry-relevant training and development, so that graduates can walk straight into a role after completing their studies. The first round table discussions with a focus on media communication and media management have already yielded initial insights into the experiences gained in this area.


Hochschule trifft Wirtschaft

Our aim is to raise awareness of this topic on an ongoing basis and stimulate and intensify dialogue in this area. This will enable us to keep young talents in the region over the long term, thereby ensuring that the area genuinely benefits from the skills and knowledge that have been acquired here.

We invite universities and media companies to participate in a round table discussion at least twice a year. During the event, they discuss current and pressing issues, look for solutions and seek inspiration and ideas. The range of topics is almost unlimited. Issues discussed in the past include: the war of talents, e-learning, work experience while studying, management trainees, and training and education for the cinema and TV industry.