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Ein Leitbild. Ein Logo.
Und jede Menge Möglichkeiten.


As a directory for the successful development of the location Babelsberg the local companies and institutions created a collective vision. The central ideas of the concept are the guideline for all future activities. Companies, institutions, organizations, schools and universities can contribute to make Babelsberg a vivid and attractive IT-Media-Campus. A new flexible logo supports them in pursuing that goal. On this website you can download the concept and the logo versions. If you have any questions regarding the correct application of the logo, please contact us!


Babelsberg is synonymous for Media-IT.

Companies based in Babelsberg are proud of their location which is well known for high quality in the production of films. This myth will be modernized. From now on Babelsberg's excellency stands for the entire digital value chain of moving image formats of all kind. Thereby, the location does justice to its meaning as a center of the media and IT economy in Brandenburg.

Babelsberg sets Benchmarks for the production of moving images in Europe.

With a unique bundling of infrastructure, competence, awareness of quality and service mentality top class content can be produced in Babelsberg – for all media, technically up to date, qualitatively on the highest level and due to the concentrated competence on the location highly efficient, too. Companies, associations and institutions are optimally connected here.

Babelsberg is Europe's most attractive IT-Media-Campus.

The technical and service infrastructure of the location is being extended continuously. In the direct neighborhood of the German capital Babelsberg also scores with nature. Therefore even more attractiveness evolves for potential customers as well as a new appeal for new companies and qualified personnel.


Based in Babelsberg


To fill the concept with life all actors work together. The idea behind the concept: You strengthen Babelsberg – and then Babelsberg strengthens you! Therefore we need authentic commitment, a self-confident, internationally understandable identification with the qualities of this location.


The brand ambassadors of the location can charge the logo with individual colors and words – also in German. In this way the commitment appears in more and more areas of the Babelsberg business and daily life in the course of time. The logo will be visible beyond the region and internationally known.

Based in Babelsberg is the key message that will be communicated with every presence of Babelsberg's companies. Everywhere, where the location has to be explained with regards to content, there is a supplementary text message that directly clarifies the professional aspect:

The logo, the open claim-concept and the supplementary text message were developed by the advertising agency MÜLLER MÖLLER BRUSS. The agency also gave important impulses for the phrasing of the concept.

We thank LASERLINE for printing the flyer!

LASERLINE would like to print your business equipment designed according to the new concept for the media and it location Babelsberg as well and is supporting you with a voucher.





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